Bulungu, Bandundu, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The John Malala Dignity Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo whose mission is to improve the physical, economic, educational, and spiritual life of the people in that nation. Its current base is a training center for leadership, development, and mission in the central Congo town of Bulungu, Bandundu Province. The center is situated on a strategic 37-acre property near the heart of the town and includes a rice mill, where local farmers can process their rice. The center includes a primary school (which started with 67 students), a vocational training school, and classrooms for pastoral training programs.


Dr. John Malala

John and Bopilo Malala

Dr. John Malala is Professor of New Media at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. His wife Bopilo has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an M.B.A. in health management systems. Before coming to the U.S. for graduate studies, John was Congo national director for Campus Crusade International. He and Bopilo return to their home town, Bulungu (in Bandundu District) every summer to help lift the standard of living of that community and the neighboring area. They have established the Center for Leadership, Development, and Mission in Bulungu, which houses a primary school, rice mill, vocational school, and community center. Their dream is for this center to be the base for Christian outreach and uplift to the entire area. John and Bopilo are members of First Baptist Church, Oviedo, Florida.

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Teachers' salaries
4$1,200 ea.$

Teachers receive $100/month to cover their living expenses at the Bulungu primary school.

School desks
50$25 ea.$

The school desks used by children in the Bulungu primary school are built by students in the vocational school. Materials for each desk cost $25

Water well
$5,000 $

There is no public water supply in the town of Bulungu. The school needs a borehole (well) for clean drinking and cooking water, hygiene for the students, and as a service to the neighborhood.

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