Ongata Rongai, Kenya

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St. Paul’s Children’s Home in Ongata Rongai, Kenya, is the vision and personal ministry of Mrs. Margaret Mbote and her three daughters. They currently care for 58 orphans and support their ministry by raising chickens, operating a greenhouse, and running a private elementary school.

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New dormitory
$25,000 ea.$

At present, the 58 children at St. Paul's sleep in two fairly small rooms. They need a two-story dormitory which will have one floor for boys, one floor for girls, toilets on each floor, a study room, and a matron's apartment.

500$25 ea. 100$

Margaret and the kids living at St. Paul's grow chickens for their own meals and for sale to support the ministry. The price includes the cost of 25 baby chicks plus the feed it takes to raise them.

9$900 ea.$100$

The kids from St. Paul's who are high school age must pay school fees, which average $100 per term, two terms per year.

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