It starts with an African with a calling…

and helping them to do what God has called him or her to do. Africa is one of the great success stories in modern missions. By and large, the church is numerous and strong, with African leaders who have their fingers on the pulse of people’s needs. That’s why we believe in starting with an African’s vision, not our own. Besides, Africans who are pursuing their own dreams are more likely to demonstrate the degree of hard work and self-sacrifice necessary to bring them to completion.

A “breakthrough project” takes a ministry to a whole new level…

through a wider scope, greater effectiveness, increased internal efficiency, or enhanced sustainability. We’re not interested in supplying operating funds or salaries that might create an organization that is out of step with the local culture and realities. On the other hand, we’re very interested in providing one-time resources to Africans who don’t have access to “churches back home” for extraordinary needs.

We sponsor projects in a variety of countries and areas of ministry. The common themes are:

  1. An African doing quality ministry and having an impact in his or her community
  2. The need for a breakthrough project for items that are outside of normal operating expenses.

Here are some examples of what we mean:

  • A Kenyan pastor doing theological education by extension received a laptop computer to help keep track of hundreds of students, a task that was previously done by hand (efficiency).
  • A rural church in Zimbabwe has received a motorcycle, enabling it to reach a much wider area (scope).
  • A Kenyan pastor doing theological education needed a greenhouse to provide him with an income in order to support both his family and his ministry (sustainability).
  • A conference in Cameroon gave new cohesion to a church-based community development ministry (effectiveness).