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Pastor Reuben Sitati trains rural pastors how to be self-sufficient through the Webuye Pastors’ Training Institute. On less than one acre of ground, he sustains his ministry with a greenhouse, a dairy, an internet café, and a bio-gas generator. Plus, he grows rabbits, chickens, and goats. His students learn how to be effective in ministry and successful in business. He and his wife Petronila have trained dozens of pastors in Kenya, Rwanda, and South Sudan.


Reuben Sitati


Reuben Sitati is a graduate of Kenya Highlands Bible College and Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. He trains rural pastors and community leaders in church leadership and self-sufficiency. On less than 1/2 acre of land, he models for his students how to be self-reliant, raising vegetables in a greenhouse, storing the produce with a solar food dryer, producing bio-gas from the manure, and raising dairy cows, rabbits, chickens, and goats. He also manages an internet cafe, which produces income for his training program. Reuben not only trains pastors in his native Kenya, but in South Sudan, Rwanda, and Uganda. His wife Petronila is a registered nurse and assists him on the “farm.”

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5$500 ea.$

One of the means by which the Webuye Pastors' Training Institute supports itself is an Internet Cafe. Currently, the Cafe is down to two working computers, both of which also need to be replaced.

Cow Sheds and Chicken Runs
10Any Amount$

Students at the Webuye Pastors' Training Institute may receive the loan of a cow and/or a gift of baby chicks if they have a shed for the cow and/or a coop and run for the chickens.

4$500 ea.$

One of the basic sources of income for the Webuye Pastors' Training Institute is its zero-graze dairy operation. On less than one acre of ground, Reuben Sitati maintains seven dairy cows and feeds them grass grown at another location. Each graduating student receives a calf to start his/her herd.

Solar Food Dryers
20$25 ea.$

Reuben Sitati trains his students to build solar food dryers which will enable them to store vegetables without refrigeration. Materials for each dryer cost $25.

100$4 ea.$

Reuben already raises dairy cows, chickens, and goats. He would like to add rabbits to the lists of animals he teaches his students to raise. Each graduating student will receive some "starter stock" of rabbits, chickens, a goat, and a calf.

Greenhouse repairs
1$1,000 $

For ten years, Reuben has raised vegetables in a 40' X 100' greenhouse donated by Heart of Africa. The plastic has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. The greenhouse not only provides food for the students and income for the school, but it is a major teaching tool on how to be self-reliant.

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