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We have created a great partnership with Innovation Education International, which enables us to take the SmartBox into schools and education settings across Africa. This is No Ordinary Box!

SmartBox® solves 6 challenges faced by schools in developing countries:

1. Lack of Internet – The SmartBox® provides students a vast collection of content sent wirelessly to the Chromebooks.
2. Limited Electricity – Runs on battery power for 12-16 hours; recharges in 2-4 hours with generator or solar system.
3. Textbook Shortage – Students have access to a myriad of books, videos and learning resources.
4. Teacher Shortage – Students can learn in the absence of a qualified teacher, and teachers can also learn!
5. Messy Wiring Runs – Gone are the days of the traditional computer lab with its tangle of cords.
6. Security – Can be securely locked and stored each evening.


Chris Rousseau

Director of Operations, Heart of Africa

Chris came in to Heart of Africa with one of the main goals of starting our SmartBox initiative. Over the years Heart of Africa has built schools or has partnered with teachers and educators in various areas across Africa. Many of these teachers and schools have the consistent battle of adequate school materials to educate the many student that attend. God knew this and provided by placing the necessary pieces together for Chris’s transition to Heart of Africa. Even before joining our team was on Chris’s radar, he had developed a great relationship with Gary Friesen the developer of the SmartBox tool. Since joining Heart of Africa and heading up the Smartbox initiative, Chris and Gary have continued their great friendship. Now do they not only attend the same church together but now work together on the deployment of SmartBoxes all over Africa. We praise God and are in awe of how He provides the necessary pieces to the puzzle that is His ministry.

Support the growth of this ministry by donating towards these needs.

Alexandria Christian Academy
1$8,500 ea.$

Alexandria Christian Academy is a school located in the town of Alexandria, Eastern Cape, South Africa. This wonderful school has already developed a great environment for learning where kids study in a classroom setting. They are in need of the SmartBox to help facilitate more one on one development of the children's learning. With there being 18+ kid's to a classroom, the SmartBox can provide the ability to assist in the areas where children may need more time on subjects of opportunity.

Mully's Schools
5$8,500 ea.$

Mully Children's Family is a non-profit ministry in regions throughout Kenya and beyond. MCF is currently supporting over 6,200 children and youth in Child Protection and Development Centres (CPDCs) and thousands more through their community outreach programs. Our initial focus with the SmartBox partnership with this ministry is to place 5 SmartBoxes and the 5 different elementary (Primary) schools. Children that attend these schools come from many difficult backgrounds. We hope to enable Mully's vision of taking these kids out of their poor environments, educating them and preparing them to contribute to their local community.

Mosop Christian School
1$8,500 ea.$

Mosop Christian School is a school we have had the pleasure of partnering with in the past. Children that attend are majority orphans and neglected children in the area. Located in the western part of Kenya and a good distance away from major cities, MCS would greatly benefit with incorporating the SmartBox.

Iwacu Kazoza School
1$8,500 ea.$

In a remote part of the little-known country of Burundi a school by the name of Iwacu Kazoza is changing the lives of some 500 students each year. Without the school children in that area would either have no education or have to walk hours to the nearest school.The school is located in the Ruhagarika village, in Cibitoke province, 32 miles north of Bujumbura, the Capital City. In addition to serving students, the school provides much needed employment in an area with few paying jobs. Thirty-two (32) people now have work which includes primary and secondary teachers, administrative staff and maintenance personnel.

SmartBox Transportation/Delivery Costs
Any Amount$

With each SmartBox we have the obvious need of getting this incredible tool into the hands of our partners. Each scenario and God's perfect timing allows us to get these to the various locations in different ways. At times we have a partner or someone flying to that location already, which provides the opportunity and has the minimal cost of extra baggage cost. Other situations we are needing someone from Heart of Africa, more than likely Chris Rousseau, to take the tool to whatever remote project. Once in country Chris can then teach and train whoever is going to be the "Champion" of the SmartBox. Each country has their own tax and cost of bringing in this tool.

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